Nick Tillmann

inRobotics Inc

Houston, Texas,  USA

​+1 832 748-1900 

​​inRobotics Inc: In-Tank Robotic Inspection Technology 


inRobotics is a proud participant of the SPRINT Robotics Collaborative  

Who we are

inRobotics is a robotic technology development company partnering with Rice University’s Robotics and Intelligent Systems Lab to develop solutions to improve safety, reduce the environmental impact and enhance the quality and efficiency of inspection and maintenance of large assets.  We have developed a ground breaking “swimming” robot for online inspection of aboveground storage tanks that incorporates advanced, proprietary technology to overcome the serious limitations of existing robotic solutions and allow widespread use of robotics to reduce human entry to hazardous, confined spaces, a major industry objective.  

The technology includes unlimited, six degrees of freedom maneuverability and an onboard localization system accurate to within centimeters to link inspection data to location, improve inspection accuracy and allow the use of advanced data analytics and Risk Based Inspection techniques.   The robot will be capable of inspecting the entire tank interior, including the floor, significantly reducing the need to take tanks out of service.  We are partnering with above ground storage tank technology and inspection companies and end users, including major petroleum and chemical companies, to develop and commercialize the technology.

The commercial opportunity is significant and inRobotics technology fills a major unmet industry need.  The societal benefits include reduced accidents, injury and loss of life, as well as lower emissions of hazardous materials that adversely affect public health and contribute to climate change. 

Please contact us if you would like more information or are interested in collaboration.